A short story about coffee & life

Once I had a coffee shop. A truly beautiful shop filled with lovely people, drinking great coffees and exchanging life experiences. The shop was called Mogen & Grus; located on Kocksgatan, the cool back street in Stockholm, Södermalm. Its was just before the very existence of the shop my love for great coffee occurred. I all started with a sweet cap at Bonanza Coffee Heroes in Berlin. It was, and still is, one of my absolute favorite coffee encounters. So sweet and delish. After a few years of importing greatness from Bonanza, I started roasting myself. A craft I so badly wanted to master after teaching myself all about brewing filter and espressos. Aadel Kersh, owner of Kersh Kafferosteri, was a true regular and when I told him about my visions he kindly invited me to his roastery. I started to go there after hours, roasting, testing, roasting again. I only had a few shots at the time getting it right and I was all ways super nervous failing since I did not really know how to high light those tasty flavors of specialty coffee. My costumers became my test pilots. Slowly the coffees started to taste great and I felt that roasting coffee was going to be a big part of my future. After several life changing events I had to close the shop. A dream went dark. Closed its eyes. I kept on going to Kersh and started roasting full speed, now with the title head of production. Still learning and testing, but now together with Aadel. The passion and curiosity led us to team up with Alexander Ruas, a champion with long experience in the coffee industry. Together we started Standout Coffee Project, which primary objective was to roast stellar coffees and share it with the world, both to coffee enthusiasts and as competition coffees. And, off course, drink it our selfs.

Then Ada happened.

The most beautiful daughter one could imagine. I felt it was time to leave Stockholm, as the longing for the nature had become stronger. So me and my family packed our bags and went to Södra Dalarna, the South Valleys of Sweden. And with my I brought a Diedrich IR 2,5 and a vision of providing great coffees to the world. Strictly specialty.