This story begins in a small coffee shop at a back street of Stockholm’s Södermalm island. The place was packed with great coffee and the loveliest guests. Mogen & Grus was my own place and it was everything I ever dreamt of. Pulling espressos of my own roasted coffee, serving it to the neighborhood. 

My heart failed.

My love for great coffee dates back to a visit at Bonanza Coffee Heroes. A tiny coffee shop in Berlin with just a couple of seats and a Probat tucked in one of the corners. I had a cappuccino and at that moment I realized how tasty a coffee can be. 

A heart surgery and many months in hospital bed forced me to close my dear coffee shop. Double heartbroken. Then I had the opportunity to start roasting coffee again at one of my old regular’s. I got to know the real craft of roasting. Sure, I missed my shop, but focusing on roasting really deepened my passion for great coffee.


The most beautiful daughter one could imagine. I packed my family and a Diedrich IR 2,5 and moved from Stockholm to start a new chapter, this time in the southern parts of Dalarna. This is where I roast some of the world’s greatest coffees - strictly specialty.